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Yare Valley Oils

Yare Valley Every Occasion Oil Gift Pack

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This special edition selection has been specially created to suit many a culinary occasion. Sold only as part of a set The Dipper, The Roaster, The Dresser and The Topper do just as they say and beyond…

The Topper ‘Citrus and garlic with a gentle kick.’: Perfect for: Pizzas, salads, marinades, grilling, general drizzling and more…

The Dipper ‘Smokey, sweet and sharp.’: Perfect for: dipping, salads, marinades, general drizzling and more… (A wonderful blend of oak smoked oil and apple balsamic).

The Roaster ‘Rustle with your roasties.’: Perfect for: Roasting veg and meats, bread making, marinades, grilling, general drizzling and more…

The Dresser ‘Liven up your salad.’: Perfect for: Dressing, dipping, marinades, lamb, chicken, pork, pasta, vegetables (must try with peas and new potatoes) and more… (A smaller version of our popular Norfolk Vinaigrette).