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Living Nature Grey Donkey

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No hay needed for this super cute donkey plush toy!

Crafted with premium materials this super soft and cuddly donkey is perfect for children. It has tonal faux fur fabric on the body, fluffy mane and tail, and adorable features, perfect for cuddling at bedtime!

Donkeys are also called Burros and Asses and they’re found all over the world. They’re related to horses but they’re stockier and have longer, floppier ears. Some donkeys are wild and others are domesticated. Wild donkeys live in herds where there is usually one male and a few females. The male is the leader of the herd. Domesticated donkeys are typically used for carrying goods and supplies, and sometimes for transport. Donkeys have a very distinctive sound called a bray. This can be heard from over 3 kilometres away. Hee-haw!  

25cm length.