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Crush Foods Ltd

H&J Barista Selection Indivdual Chocolate Box

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The Barista Individual Selection Box truly are luxury coffee chocolates expertly crafted by Harris & James experienced team from just the finest of ingredients. The differing intensities in flavours make for the perfect gift for any coffee lover for any occasion, or will certainly hit the spot if you simply love coffee yourself and are looking for pure self-indulgence!

The Barista Individual Chocolate Selection Box contains 12 chocolates – 4 each of:

  • Caramel Latte Chocolate – our version of a proper frothy caramel coffee topped with toffee crystals encased in caramelised chocolate.
  • Espresso Dark Chocolate – our finest 70% cacao dark chocolate with freshly ground dark roasted arabica coffee beans as the intense essential ingredient and topped with an edible coffee bean.
  • Flat White Chocolate – topped with a chocolate sprinkle, the classic smooth finish of a flat white coffee has been emulated and encased in our very best milk chocolate.