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Schleich Dinosaur Advent Calendar

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Now that's a really great present! Luis has been given a treasure map. Of course, he immediately packs all his equipment for a wilderness adventure in the jungle with the dinos. He sets off on his journey and before you know it he's bumped into some dinos! Some of them look a bit dangerous. But Luis is clever and has prepared by putting the right food in his pocket for each dino. That way, he can calm down the giant jungle dwellers and keep them tame. Will he find the treasure chest in the end? If you open one door of the Advent Calendar every day, you'll soon find out!

1x Ranger Luis, 6x Mini Dino, 1x treasure map, 1x bait, 1x binoculars, 1x campfire, 1x backpack, 1x satellite phone, 1x leaf, 1x knife, 1x lemonade, 1x tree trunk, 1x bucket, 2x apple, 1x cup, 1x bone, 1x treasure chest, 1x cup